Thursday, March 4, 2010

  • This Friday's episode of Supernanny looks fantastic.
  • I really like Alec Baldwin and feel that Steve Martin is kin because we have the same last name, so I'd like to catch the Oscars this year.
  • I haven't even assembled the crib yet.
  • Spawn is teething and not handling it with any grace which means we haven't been sleeping which means non of the last minute preparations I penciled in for the eleventh hour have been started yet. The baby's room looks like the set of Hoarders. 
  • The doctor told me that March 7th is the due date and I want what was promised to me.
These are just some of the reasons  that I am forbidding Spawn: The Sequel from making an early appearance.


  1. Surprise! Looks like Spawn II is a contrary girl! ox Supergranny



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