Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sleep Training Technique

Turns out it's my natural state to be knocked up. I seem to have found myself in this predicament often in the last 4 years. And each and every time I am older and it is more difficult. This time around, I am having back problems. I mean, can't-walk-standing-up-straight-back problems. There is a reality to having young children and being unable to walk properly.

The other night, the middle child awoke and when I determined that ignoring her wasn't going to make the problem go away, I got up and hobbled to her room, picked her up and tried to carry her over to the spare bed that's in her room. I found that carrying her was nearly impossible and decided to try gently tossing her onto the bed instead. I came up short. She did not land on the bed.

In other news, the middle one is now sleeping through the night or is too terrified to call out for me. But either way...


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