Sunday, February 21, 2010

I googled myself today and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It was very fruitful. Googling yourself is a lot like masturbating: fun and eventful and yet somehow lonely and pathetic. But this google was super rewarding! Like if you haven't masturbated in a long time. Like, if you've been tricked into thinking Angels are watching your every move, or you've become paralyzed or you are lost in the woods and don't really feel like it. But I digress. 

I discovered that a link to my blog was included in a web ad. Check out the ad here! I'm wondering why, if the subject is no laughing matter, they don't send me a 7-day cure?? Now who's laughing.

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  1. The hemorrhoids may be kharma for making your spawns compete for your love. Or just the effect of gravity on a poorly-designed chassis. What WAS the Creator thinking? Sadly, these things are simply more evidence on the side of the God-is-a-Man theory of Divine Gender. Or maybe God is just a real mean Mother? Sort of like the kind who thinks it is funny to make her kids compete for her love?

    Hmmm... whatever the truth, its the pits. If we are truly made in god's image, just think how sore his/her ass is right now with the cumulative effect of all the preggers arseholes on the planet...

    Keep your chin up, kiddo, it might help!

    xo Yoyo



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