Friday, November 6, 2009

Women in N.S will NOT be cowering in bathroom stalls to breastfeed.

Like I have done. I know you’re supposed to love your breasts as they finally live up to their purpose and proudly and publically breast feed because it is natural and beautiful but I can’t. I have left the restaurant to nurse in the car, I’ve sat in a bathroom stall, gone to other rooms, etc. Babies are too unpredictable and easily distracted to be relied upon to keep you covered up. Maybe I’m like a teen age boy but I can’t have a conversation with someone who is breastfeefing because all I can think is “don’t look at her boob, don’t look at her boob”. Some women are so comfortable with it and aren’t the least bit concerned about exposing their breasts. They’ll put their baby down, boob out, and then pull their shirt down. They’re so free! I’m jealous. I’m such a prude, I don’t even know how I got pregnant in the first place!

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