Friday, November 6, 2009

poss. work- from- home- mom job

I go to a mom group class on thurs. mornings. The last class ended by passing around pieces of construction paper assigned to each mother. We were told to write a compliment about each mom on their paper and then we were given our papers to take home and read. Although it’s clear that some of the moms don’t know me at all (“She is organized”?) one mother’s comment really made me think. She said that humour is a gift, one that I give so freely and then it hit me! That’s how I’ll make it as a ‘Mompreneur’. From now on, I’ll be charging people $1 per laugh.

I make you laugh, you owe me $1. This $1 covers the spectrum of laughing. If I make you chuckle: you owe me $1. If you should laugh till you have a tear: you owe me $1. I probably won’t make you laugh till you cry but if I did, you’d owe me $1.

I won’t be a dick about it. If you want to bank up 5 laughs and then just toss me a 5 dollar bill, that’s fine. I am also open to trade (laugh for coffee, etc.). Just-to-be-polite laughter is not exempt. You would owe $1

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