Friday, November 6, 2009

Ahh, the bride decided to wear white.

When I was pregnant I felt self-conscious because I wasn’t married. Not only did my great Aunt judge me but I’d catch others looking to my ring finger for confirmation. I was asked several times if my pregnancy was planned. Would I have been asked that if I was married? A friend felt pressured to comform and refered to her boyfriend as her husband at her mommy and me classes. But why, when 90% (or whatever the actual percentage is) of marriages fail, does it matter anymore?

The majority of people that I know do not do things in the “right” order (marriage, house, kids). According to the 2006 census, having a bastard child is the national trend! It’s in. And then, what’s the point? After having a child, marriage seems kind of, well, anticlimactic. Anyway, all I really want is the ring…

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