Friday, November 6, 2009

lonesome dove

My associate walked all the way home from work before he realized that he had driven to work that morning. The car will sit in the parking lot until we pick it up tomorrow. That is why you see lone cars in parking lots, late at night. Someone has simply forgotten it.

Lies. As it turns out, I went into labour when my Associate was at work. I called him there to tell him and was informed that he had already left. I couldn't understand why, a half hour later, he was still missing? Finally, he turned up and we were ready to leave for the hospital. Side note: I was so calm. Anyway, when we were about to leave, he realized that he had walked home from work, forgetting the car at work?? So, we had to take a cab to fetch the car, drive to the hospital and the then horrors and unforgettable traumas ensued, resulting in Spawn!

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