Monday, November 23, 2009

While waiting in a line tonight, I took advantage of a seat that opened up. I looked around to see if there were any old people who should sit too/instead. I saw one lady that was getting up there. It made me wonder: does pregnant trump old? And what about pregnant and with a toddler? Does that beat old? I guess maybe it's not so black and white. Like, if you have a cane, you're standing. You can lean! That's almost as good as sitting. Me? I've got nothing but dead weight dragging me down (metaphorically speaking).


  1. I always use "worst case scenario" to find the answer:

    If it's a standing in line issue I believe it goes in this order:
    1. old
    2. pregnant
    3. mother of toddler

    Why? Worst case scenario for standing in line would be sudden death. I think the chances of the pregnant mother or the recent mother dying from standing in line would be rare (there must be stats out there on such things?). The older person, however, might suffer a heart attack, however and should be comfortably seated if that were to happen. If only because other will judge the selfish youth who never gave them a seat.

    The mother of the toddler should feel too much guilt at not running around disciplining her out of control children to comfortably relax. So she wouldn't even enjoy it.

    The mother of the unborn child should be thinking of the moral lessons they want to instill on their blank canvas. Moral life lesson: treat elders with respect.

    Now, if it were a bus then the "worst case scenario" seat situation shifts:
    Once again, death would be worst case scenario but the likelihood for the bus to crash makes this a legitimate concern for all.

  2. alright. I am sufficiently shamed and informed. I never thought of the 'death' part, just the pain part.
    BUT aren't we all dying anyway? And shouldn't they quietly shuffle out of the way for the next generations?
    I'm not talking about war vets here. Obviously, they get to sit. Because if they didn't fight for my freedom, I wouldn't be able to show my pregnant ass in public with my toddler and no ring on my finger. I'd probably be living with an aunt of mine for at least the next 4 months. Lest we forget...



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