Thursday, November 26, 2009


About a third of the way through my second pregnancy, I realized that something wasn't normal. From hearing about other peoples' experiences, I figured out that I was getting an inordinate amount of internal exams at my monthly pre natal visits. Like, every single appointment actually. According to everyone else on the planet, they were only subjected to internals at the end of their pregnancies. What the hell?? I don't get a bad touch vibe from my doctor, so I was left assuming that he was just very thorough. That's good, I guess. Right? Two appointments ago, the internals stopped. Neither of us talked about it. It was like all the other ones never happened. Then, I had an appointment today.
The nurse showed me into the room. She changed the paper on the table. She laid the too-small blanket out and left. It occurred to me that she didn't give me any instructions about what to do; what to take off. I took my boots off and stood there for a minute and all of a sudden, I was struck with the most horrifying realization, maybe of my entire life. SHE NEVER TOLD ME TO UNDRESS BEFORE! I just did it! And I guess, so I wouldn't be uncomfortable, the doctor 'examined' me as I seemed to want him to. Until, two visits ago, I finally realized that she didn't tell me to undress and so I didn't and then it was just a regular visit. It's like if my associate went to the doctors, dropped trou without warning and bent over, and so to be polite, the doctor did a prostate exam. I'm dying.


  1. Really? You've gotten naked from the waist down for no reason? REPEATEDLY?! We should start a support group.

  2. hahahahahahaha ha ha ha

    I have never had this problem...I once had the doc come in and tell me to remove more clothing...much to my dismay.

  3. Sooooo, is the doc good-looking?



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