Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This just in: someone famous has a kid who is married to someone not famous and they are expecting their second baby! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Now that you’ve recovered, on to the really important announcement: this pregnancy I will dress like this nobody. I have had people not once, not twice but three times tell me that when they picture me pregnant, they picture me in a certain blue dress that I guess I wore a lot. I then curse them with their own limited wardrobe when they’re pregnant. They know who they are. Back to me. I will own two or three pair of jeans that will magically always be a little bit roomy and a different coloured none blue top and different coloured none blue cardigan. I will be comfortable with an effortless sense of style. Alternately, I may be be a shut-in during this pregnancy because I suspect I’m really going to tip the scales this time. I can’t have that out there for people to see. It’s bad for my public image (as an eminent blogger and mompreneur). Oh, I’m also going to wear a good push up bra whether I leave the house or not. It sets the tone for your day.

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