Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How many peoples’ baby books actually go from hospital bracelet, to first hair cut, to first birthday, to first day of school? Not mine. Not my brother’s. And certainly not Spawn’s. I guess I’ll buy a baby book for Spawn 2 but I won’t be able to fill it out past 5 months or it will bite me in the ass later when they use it as proof that I love one more than the other. When I imagine that happening, I picture my ass being really firm and toned because after this baby, I vow to hit the gym. Hard. Back to my legacy of negligent parenting, I swore I’d finish Dependent’s baby book but I felt like I was back in university. One month would go by and I’d realize I didn’t write anything but would catch up later that night. Then two more months would go by and I’d have to cram, writing down half remembered milestones and maybe making up some stuff that I think she’d like to believe later on. Luckily, my good friend, Katelyn Fraser, just so happens to be a very talented professional photographer. I may not have documented Spawn’s first steps but she’s been professionally photographed at a Suri Cruise level. If it wasn’t for her, Spawn would probably bother me later on with allegations of kidnapping or secret adoption. Thanks Katelyn!

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