Friday, November 6, 2009

The stretch marks on my stomach have finally faded. I no longer look like I fell into the lion’s cage at the zoo right before lunch. Well, I look like I fell into the lion’s cage at the zoo about a year ago. As I was looking at my stomach in the mirror today I saw my stretch marks in a new light. The light of day. Because I try very hard not to look at myself in daylight. I prefer to look in the mirror lit only by a couple tea lights. And only after a martini or two. But today was different! What I saw was beautiful. I asked my associate to take a look and please confirm that my stretch marks did indeed look like iridescent waves shimmering in the moonlight. He did not see this. After I reminded him that he never supports me and to love me is to love my shimmery sea scape, he realized that he did in fact see the ‘moon ocean thing’. My body is art!

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