Friday, November 6, 2009


Maybe it’s because I couldn’t handle the new sense of freedom that I was experiencing from Spawn? Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to keep trying to lose those final pounds? Maybe it’s because I thought my Creation was getting too uppity with all the attention a baby gets? Or maybe it’s because biology has cornered me again? Either way, I’m having another baby! Finally, I will have the answer to the age old question, “can you love your children equally”? Here are some ideas I have to keep SpawnS on their toes:

* a chart that looks like a horse race track, each child being a horse and forever moving them forward one at a time depending on their goodness, helpfulness, talents, etc. The race track, of course, is a circle which really speaks to how they will always have to continue to try to be better than each other and win my love.
* picking days of the week for each child to be my favorite so that they each learn to try and please me and how see how bad second place feels.
* spearheading a Take Your Kids To Work plan at my Associate’s work so I can never be home alone, out numbered by SpawnS.
* Since my children will be about 1.5 years apart, I will expect, from day one, that kid #2 will be exactly like kid #1. It would just be easier to plan activities and meals that way.

That’s all I have for now but I have nine months and about one hour for labour and twenty mins for pushing to figure out the details.

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