Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Pornographic baby clothing!

People are very generous when you're having a baby. They want to help. They want to share. They want to unload all of their baby crap. But it's great because it's free, you can pass it on later and you get stuff that you wouldn't otherwise.

Someone gave me this sweater when I was pregnant with Spawn and now it's her Subordinate's. When I first saw this sweater, I wondered what kind of pervert knits penises on a baby's sweater? Obviously, I thought it was hilarious and made Spawn wear it regularly. I'm really pleased that it's back in heavy rotation.

Can you imagine the sweet little old lady who selflessly knit this for some baby and no one had the balls to tell her that the diaper pins looked like penises and then some toddler pointed to them and said "penis" or whatever the kid's family has nicknamed penises causing everyone to laugh awkwardly and pretend the kid was just hyper sexual rather than insult the old woman? That's what I imagine anyway.


  1. I was very pleased to SHARE my stuff with you. Now I worry about what the hell to do with it when you give it back.

  2. at least the old lady who knit it probably isn't internet savvy and will never see that you ripped apart her penis sweater publicly.

  3. Did I rip it apart? Both of my sweet and precious children wear it regularly so I can't think it's all that bad...

    Wurly Purly: I like that you emphasized SHARE because I would have just burned it all when I was confident that I was out of the baby woods.



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