Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maybe it's premature but I have to admit that Baby B is winning the race for my love. Well, to be honest, there really aren't any winners or losers. Only because this will be a battle for my love that will (thanks to psychological warfare) continue long after my death.

I found out this week that the baby is no longer in a breech position. So, points for that. But minus those same points for being breech in the first place. That puts Spawn in the lead because she can tell me she loves me, and all Spawn:The Sequel can do is give me ragging heartburn and a fat ass. Then my friend told me that a doula said that sometimes a baby will be breech because he wants to be closer to his mom's heartbeat and voice. BIG time bonus points for this. Huge. This kid cannot get enough of me! It loves me to death! Literally! It's love for me almost killed me. Well, maybe I'm getting dramatic now. But maybe I'm not?! So, naturally, in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way, I'm feeling a lot of love for this baby. And as everyone knows, parents can only love one kid simultaneously. Sorry, Spawn.

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