Monday, December 7, 2009

After (finally) reading my blog, my not-so-silent partner made a crack about how I hate being a mother. Not so. I'm just not the gushy type. And while I am generally happy and satisfied with my life, I'm not the type to run around and tell everyone about it. I've never been a runner.

I guess it was in Spawn's letter to Santa when she wrote that I would be a flight risk if I was to have a third child that threw him off. First, as much as I wish I was more in control of my Dependent, I'm not. And those were her words. I don't believe in censorship. Second, as I explained to my "boyfriend", I am a multi faceted woman and motherhood is only one of the ways that I express myself. The other ways require child care. And you can't put a newborn into daycare. I've looked into it. Well, you can but you'll be judged and it's really expensive.

So, for the record, I do like being a mother. It's just that I can still remember sleeping in, going out with friends, being thin, being spontaneous, showering daily, not being pregnant, earning an income, and coming and going as I pleased. Luckily, God invented Stockholm Syndrome for parents in order to ensure that they don't abandon their young. I'm beginning to identify with my 14 month old captor and slowly but surely, I'm forgetting my old life...


  1. I have a 14 month old, too and she is a complete firecracker and lately, testing me at every corner! You know what you are? A Theta Mom! You are human and not afraid to tell it like it is! I just found your comment on my blog from like three weeks ago! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  2. My favourite thing to say in response to a question like: "What does your husband do?"

    ..."Oh, I don't have a husband."

    PS: Wurly Purl is me.. Sidney.

  3. I don't get asked about my husband. A quick glance at my hand stops then from asking.



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