Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This morning I literally laid on the floor and cried like a baby. I can’t really explain it. Spawn wouldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t face getting us both organized enough to go outside and actually do something. I think I’m the opposite of most moms. I feel guilty that my kid is not in day care. If she was at least there part time… She could learn about inukshuks, African drummers, social skills, etc. I’ve tried to do on line research to find out what I can do with her that would resemble ‘learning centres’ in day care but I can’t find much. That I want to do, I mean. For a couple days I was really worried that she was saying ‘Bo’ as in Bo on the Go, the cartoon. The thought that she was using some of her first words to say a t.v. show character shocked and terrified me. It turns out it was something that her Grandmother taught her and she was saying ‘boom’. In fact, it seems as though every time she comes back from a stint at her Grandmother’s, she’s learned a new word or skill of some description. I just hope that the benefits of hearing ‘I love you’ and getting hugs and kisses out weighs the inevitable brain atrophy she’ll experience from staying home with me.

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