Friday, November 6, 2009

One of the things that excites me at all the most about parenting is starting my own traditions. My childhood was lacking in legal traditions and so I can’t wait to make some up for my family. I came across these dolls by projectgrabbag on Etsy and decided that I’ll get my daughter one for her first birthday and maybe a nice doll will be a birthday tradition. I would have liked that. Well, I would have liked to like that. In reality, I was a very nervous child and was very afraid of my dolls. I was nervous that they would rise up and kill me in the night and in an effort to appease them, I had a monthly sleep schedule written out so as to ensure that each doll had a chance to sleep in bed and no one was left out (and subsequently filled with a murderous rage).

Obviously, the system worked as I have survived to blog about it. Anyway, I hope she likes them. But more importantly, I hope they like her…

psst: clicking on the photo leads to projectgrabbag’s etsy store.

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