Friday, November 6, 2009

Gift horse, mouth.

It’s amazing how generous people are when you have your first child. The gifts are still rolling in. My silent partner and I only just started buying diapers. What a gift. One person, in particular, has been very generous. We’ve affectionately named him the Benefactor. It was Father Christmas but I thought that might eventually start to confuse the baby. Or ruin Christmas. Anyway, the Benefactor bought some cute clothes for the baby and included in the lot were two t-shirts that say “Big Sister”. Umm… hold the phone. My baby is only just beginning to crawl (much to my chagrin) and now I’m supposed to consider another? The Benefactor, being very benefactory, was sending more of a friendly reminder I think because the t-shirts were post dated for 24 months.

I guess two only makes sense. One can wash and one can dry.

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