Friday, November 6, 2009

One game I've grown weary of...

is that one where the kid throws stuff on the ground and then I pick it up and the she throws it on the ground, repeat, etc. This isn’t one of those activities that is fun for both “parent and child” like watching Oprah or going out for ladies’ lunch. Which reminds me of a question I’ve been dying to ask since I found out I was pregnant: when is it too early to start disciplining? Maybe I’ll just play around with it. Next time she throws stuff, I’ll take away her baby monitor privileges. Next to go: independent play time. Although… whose getting punished here? I’m thinking maybe of banking her punishments. And then WHAMO! When she turns 12, she’ll get a macaroni and construction paper card wishing her the best and a list of her bad deeds since, well labour should be the first one,explaining how she’s punished until she’s 18. And then she’s free to go. Nay, encouraged.

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