Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My silent partner and I have made a pack re: Kid B. We’ve decided that he gets to pick the name if it’s a boy, and I get to pick the name if it’s a girl and the doctor gets to pick the name if it’s a Hermaphrodite. This is risky. Well, not if I get a kick at the neonatal cat. Here are some top names that my associate has picked.

* Abraham. Alright, father of alllll the Jews. That’s fine.
* Izzard. A family name. Honest.
* Batman. A flawed superhero who must overcome his own demons in hopes to find true peace.
* Max Armstrong type names. Like Stone Danger and Rock Large Dick or something ridiculous.
* Wiley. Sigh. I can’t continue. No offense if you or someone you love is one of the aforementioned names. Well, if you’re name is Rock Large Dick you’ve probably developed a fairly thick skin by now.

Also, who the hell knows what the doctor would pick? Well, he’d probably just name it after himself, God complex and all.

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