Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doesn’t this look so fun? I think so too. I’m sure everyone is wondering: when/where is my next baby shower?? You may be wondering: is it appropriate to have a baby shower for the second baby? Good question. And the answer is no. That’s why I won’t be having one. For the baby. Last time was all about the baby. What about me? Here are some fun ideas for any of my friends who read this and want to take it on (so I don’t have to pretend to be someone else, start a fake gmail account, and send out my own evites as someone else so it doesn’t look like I lamely planned my own shower. Again)

  • cocktail party with ice cubes shaped like fetuses. This is a post-delivery party, naturally.
  • each friend writes on a calendar which day they will be babysitting SpawnS. This will be a legally binding contract.
  • Since I am now self employed, mat leave is a thing of the past. Each friend can set up a tithe that goes directly to my bank account in order to help facilitate my mat leave. After all, it takes a village.
  • Blessingway: A circle of women gathering to wish the mother-to-be well in her journey through birth. Gifts are rarely exchanged, though guests may be asked to bring a candle, a bead or something small to make a gift for the mother at the ceremony. If in fact, I should be surprised by this option, I will know who my true friends are because my true friends would know that this option is NOT for me. Similar to my new life with two kids, this would be a test of love.
  • Everyone can just send me gifts, write and mail their own thank you cards to themselves, and then talk about how thoughtful I am and how cute Kid B is.

Now, don’t the bullet list scare you. There is absolutely no reason why all of the above options can’t be done! Minus, the bead-candle one.

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