Friday, November 6, 2009

My baby dislikes me again. She did at first. Well, to be fair it was more disinterest than dislike. And to be honest, I wasn’t wild about her either. I was too traumatized to feel anything overwhelmingly positive. But now because she’s in a serious Sleep Therapy regiment, there’s no mistaking it: she’s not my biggest fan. I was telling this to a friend and she said that it’s not as bad as when I have to forbid her to date a guy. She’s right. And it made me think about the many layers to my new role as a mother. If I’m doing my job right, sometimes I’ll have to be the bad guy and sometimes she’s not going to like me. But I’ve also learned that I might be in trouble because to make up for the Sleep Therapy, I really kiss her ass all day. I just hope she doesn’t pick up on my crippling guilt and use it against me. Because I’d have to ground her only to further perpetuate the cycle.

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