Friday, November 6, 2009

Here is a list of things I feel I should be able to get out of because I have a baby:

  • student loan payments. At least I shouldn’t be penalized for paying late. They’re pretty lucky that I remember at all and should be grateful. Student Loans needs to start a gratitude journal.

You know, we need to get someone on the ‘inside’. If I knew someone who worked at the student loan call centre and had access to the files, I would find a group of people who wanted to go in on paying this agent to make our loans disappear. I could start a facebook group and everyone could post their SIN on the group wall. In fact….

Mompreneur idea: I will job shadow a computer hacker and then I can work from home while Spawn naps, hack into the student loan database and delete, delete, delete. For a small fee. Well, for a moderate fee because it would still be worth it to you to pay me a couple thousand dollars in order to never make a student loan payment again.

( does not condone any criminal activity and suggests everyone pay their student loan every month, without exception)

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