Friday, November 6, 2009

mompreneur idea: I wish my monitor worked both ways. It’s so unfair. She can yell all she wants and I have no way to retaliate. Imagine if I could talk back to her and a. sooth her without getting out of bed, and b. let her know what it’s like when someone starts yelling while she’s trying to sleep. I might sing to her or something. I could read her stories while we both lie in the comfort of our own beds. Or I could tell her about the awesome ideas that come to me in the middle of the night so she can remember them for me and hold me accountable the next day so I actually follow through with one of my mompreneur ideas. I might just wait until she can answer and hold a phone. Then we can just call each other and I can wake up to a nice ringtone before I get to the crying. Maybe Enya or something that isn’t too jarring. Walkie Talkies wouldn’t work because of that annoying static noise when you begin to talk. Maybe I should get her a gmail account and start writing to her now so she’ll have an inbox full of my thoughts, advice, and orders ready for her when she’s web savy? But I digress. I think I’ll get a bullhorn.

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