Friday, November 6, 2009

According to study: motherhood is only slightly better than housework, work, commuting.

I was feeling guilty about the quality of time that I spent with my baby and asked a friend how she spent her time with her baby. Specifically, I was wondering if she always played with her baby. She told me that she does. Umm. That’s… great. Because that’s what I’m like too.

So just for fun, I googled ‘how to play with your baby’ and ‘make my baby a genius’ and ‘how to make my baby better than other babies’ and was side tracked reading about how to lose the baby weight, learned about when it’s not considered ‘baby weight’ anymore, then wound up reading about a couple who have sex everynight as an ‘experiment’ and finally ended up finding this article.

See? It’s normal to want to look at pictures of your child instead of the real thing, be tempted to turn on cartoons, consider starting a distracting blog, or invest in an exersaucer. Just because I’m not like that doesn’t mean that I judge you if you are. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go practice cursive writing with my 7 month old.

PS: I did all my googling after my babe was fast asleep. And I like spending time with her WAY better than cleaning the toilet.

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