Tuesday, August 11, 2015

fancy pants parenting idea

If you think it sounds like a nice idea to get your toddler out of bed to see a beautiful, complete rainbow: THINK AGAIN. This is probably the universes' way of telling you that it's also not a nice idea to take your kids out of school on a cross country trip to show them the world. Because before you hit the interstate, you realize that you're stuck in a metal cage with nowhere to go and nowhere to sneak off to smoke. I read you, Universe. Loud and clear. I won't be doing anything stupid by trying anymore fancy parenting ideas.

**update: This year's Canada Day fireworks were cancelled minutes after they were supposed to start. There were tears and broken hearts littering the streets along with the usual mini flags. I will never trust again. I will never trust that letting my children stay up hours past their bedtime will be 'worth it'. 

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