Friday, August 27, 2010

Easy Breezy

Our lawn is wild. But at this point, it's either the lawn or the kids. And I've already started their education funds*. I don't know how everyone else is staying on top of it all? I'm just going to assume that they're not. Since being efficient is now more important than ever, I got to thinking while I looked at our feral lawn... Wouldn't it be great if I could put Spawn out to graze?? She could a. snack, b. get fresh air/ activity, and c. manage the lawn.
 Someone told me that we used to eat grass and that's why we have some vestigial body part. I can't remember which part? Wisdom teeth? Appendix? Brain?
But I digress. I tried putting Spawn out to pasture: no dice. But BabyB was all over it! She's sooo cooperative. She just lied there and tried to get as much grass in her face as she could. Every once in a while, I just had to rotate her so she didn't get down to the dirt. Being a mother is just too easy sometimes**.


  1. We don't own a lawnmower and I thank the week of rain for the excuse not to deal with it. Also, someone borrowed our car today... Um, just excuse the bathing suit and towels in the back the seat. My house looks like squatters live in it. I am definitely NOT keeping it together.

  2. ha! My bathing suit is also in my car!Anyway, nice to hear. Someone this summer said this to me: you're not organized? But you have TWO kids?! I really thought that explained it but I guess we just see things differently...



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