Saturday, April 17, 2010

To quote myself...

labour is to pregnant women as sex is to new mothers: a terrifying and inevitable reality. The only thing that health professionals tend to discuss when this subject comes up is the importance of doing your Kegals. Screw you. What they need to do is take the dads aside and give them some info. Maybe let them know that they need to readjust their expectations for a little while. If you suspect that she's tacked on a week or two to the time before you can do it, let it be. Maybe full flannel nightgowns aren't just for pioneers anymore?? And finally, here's your choice new dad: sex in the dark or sex way under the duvet.
And don't make her admit to her new awkwardness. Take your lady into your loving arms and tell her you love her shimmery sea scape, think flannel is a sexy textile, find the energy saving lights irritating, and get down to business.

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