Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This ad makes me think about this whole H1N1 vaccination business. Sometimes ‘they’ tell you that certain things are fine when they aren’t fine. Like, letting your baby sleep under a tanning light. Let me tell you and I won’t say it again: do not attempt to tan your baby with a diaper on. Because of their fragile, new skin those tan lines will take forever to fade. Last night I gave Spawn a bath. She cried a little initially but I figured she was just fussing because it was her first bath ever. When I took her out later, it looked like she had pink tights on. Oops! I guess the water was a little too warm! Her boiled lobster lower half was too cute though. At least I can blame every and any behavioral problem that my kids have on the vaccination. Like Jenny McCarthy. And then I can sue the Government. I don’t need to set up an education fund after all. Awesome!

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  1. Dear Miscellaneous Mom - Always test the bath water temp with your hand, NOT with the baby. Pink bum good, red bum bad...ox Gramma Lolo



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