Friday, November 20, 2009

Some things are better left as childhood memories. Like pepto bismol and banana flavoured penicillin. I used to sneak swigs of pepto and banana penicillin. They don't do it for me like the used to. I guess they were just gateway drugs. One of my first 'chapter book' reads was Tina Turner's autobiography. It was a little inappropriate for early elementary and my teacher actually sent a concerned note home to my mother when I brought it in as my show and share. I was just so proud of myself for ploughing through such dense material. Things were a little, um, lax at my house so I probably could of read the kama sutra and brought it in for show and share just as easily. My school pictures were always a complete disaster. Hair unbelievably messy and just generally unkempt. I can't believe that a teacher didn't take me aside and pin my hair down?? It takes a village, people! Some things are better forgotten altogether. Even through the eyes of a child, some memories can't be gussied up.

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