Friday, November 6, 2009

Mother's Day is my day.

I started to do some light on-line research (wikipedia) about Mother’s Day. It was all very boring. Blah, blah, blah, I get presents from now until I die. And although my daughter is too young to know this now, I will make it a priority to teach her the importance of the perfect blend of thoughtful, homemade presents and good, store bought presents that I actually want. I figure I’ll have to sacrifice one of her birthdays and give her a card I’ve made out of macaroni and construction paper which I’ll sign in pencil, writing that she’s the best daughter in the world!!! and that ought to learn her. I will expect two gifts (per child, of course). One thoughtful macaroni card, etc., and one present from a Mother’s Day gift registry that I will direct her to (and subsequent children, of course) at an appropriate time. Probably after the New Year. I’m aware that she/ they will have to receive an allowance and I think that it’s a great opportunity to teach her/ them about the importance of giving. Giving good gifts. Because giving your boss a macaroni card will get you nowhere.

Sigh. See how difficult and selfless being a mother is? I have to take my day and use it to teach valuable life lessons. You might say that teaching is gift enough. And you would be wrong. I will be posting the link to my gift registry ASAP.

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