Friday, November 6, 2009

I’ve become very interested in the show Jon and Kate plus 8. At first it was to watch in horror and awe at the mother raising sextuplet toddlers and twin daughters. This held my attention for a bit. Soon, the relationship between the parents became the main draw for me. If you’ve never watched the show it’s worth it just to see what a relationship in crisis looks like, you know, just to keep you vigilant. For example, I learned that if I am telling a little story on national television and my associate were to roll his eyes to the camera and then criticize me and say something sarcastic then the relationship may have hit a road block.

Having a baby can make or break a relationship and it takes two very committed people to get through the first years still happy and in love. Or it takes one very passive person. Or passive aggressive, in Jon’s case. Anyway, who can fault these two parents for being short with each other? Or constantly bickering or picking at each other? I wish I could go more in depth but my daughter kept bugging me to pay attention to her and even though I told her I was too busy to play because I was watching someone else raise their kids, she didn’t care.

I bet Kate has wicked stretch marks.

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