Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have to pee so bad. So bad it hurts. But the bathroom is right beside Spawn's room. I would rather suffer the humiliation of peeing my pants (because who am I to keep that comedy gold to myself?) than risk prematurely ending her nap. I think the Government needs to install first floor half baths for parents. Put your money where your mouth is, Gov. Do you care about the kids, or not? Do you want them well rested, or not? I don't know about you but come next election, I am going to make sure that this issue gets the attention it deserves. Also, silencers for all dogs. And no children playing outside when my kid is sleeping. That's it! Is this not a democracy?!

1 comment:

  1. Now I know why you were so very interested to see my secret loo tucked under the stairs by the kitchen door in what LOOKS like a broom closet... Maybe your next home reno should be a basement bathroom, far from napping babes. ox Grandma Lolo

    PS "Spawn"? I'm telling her when she's sixteen and introducing her first boyfriend to Grandma...



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