Friday, November 6, 2009

“ Dean and I are going to take a hiatus from having babies. But when we decide to have more, maybe I will be able to produce triplets! I’d like that. But that would be in the future - not right now. I am going to have a little break to raise the babies we have. But we definitely want more. Tori Spelling ”

People compare themselves to celebrities and usually feel like they come up short. Moms usually feel like they’re failing in some or every aspect of their lives. I thought that being a new mother and comparing myself to celebrities might be a bad idea but comparing myself to crazy ones might make me feel really great! I was right! I thought I’d start with Tori Spelling. Who thinks triplets is a good idea? Except maybe someone who doesn’t have any kids. She must be ca-razy. Tori: 0, Me: 1.

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